Ida Hallgren


Contact Information

Telefon: +46 73 401 6118


Ida Hallgren

Philosophical Practitioner, Practicing member of the Swedish Society for Philosophical Practice and member of the Advisory board of the Swedish Society for Philosophical Practice.

PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Gothenburg.

Clinical Psychologist with previous experience from work as a therapist at an eating disorder treatment center in Tucson, Arizona and from work as a psychologist in inpatient and outpatient facilities for eating disorder clients in Sweden.


Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Practical Philosophy. University of Gothenburg.

Degree of Master of Science in Clinical Psychology. University of Gothenburg.

Degree of Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science. University of Gothenburg, including coursework in cognitive neuroscience at the Consciousness Studies Program at the University of Skövde.

Workshops in Philosophical Practice (Swedish Society for Philosophical Practice) and Socratic dialogue (Kristof van Rossem).